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Join the Central Texas Astronomical Society

Why be a member?


Whether you are an experienced observer or just starting out, membership in the Central Texas Astronomical Society brings you together with a wonderful group of people who are passionate about all aspects of astronomy. As a member, you can enjoy many benefits including: access to our world class observatory and dark sky observing site, discounts on subscriptions to "Sky and Telescope" and "Astronomy" magazines, access to our monthly members-only star parties and other exclusive events, membership to the nation-wide astronomy club, The Astronomical League, and much more! As of 2024 current annual dues are ONLY $35 for an individual or $50 for a family membership. To join CTAS and the Astronomical League, click on: 

                                                              Member Signup / Information

CTAS Newsletter - New Columns in 2024!!

Each member receives our monthly newsletter, "Carpe Noctem", via email and download from the website. CN contains Society news and articles written by amateur astronomers on various issues concerning astronomy. There is a new sections "Kids Star Corner" in 2024 with fun facts or answers to young astronomer's questions!

Astronomical League Membership & Quarterly Subscription AL's magazine!!

Joining CTAS includes membership with the Astronomical League. The Astronomical League publishes a digital & paper quarterly magazine,"The Reflector". This is also full of information about the latest changes or upgrades in the new website!! It includes current information on the new hybrid ALCON 2024 (Scheduled for July 17-20, 2024 in KC) that will be simulcast online for a nominal fee. Even MORE participation!

CTAS also offers online Board meetings too! All may participate in these open meeting events. A great way to become an active member is to know about all the ideas, activities, and interest of the various forums and groups! Because the additional benefits include membership in the Astronomical League you also get eligibility for various observing awards such as Messier Certificates, Double Star observing certificate, and Lunar certificate just to name a few. There is are also other AL awards such as the Mabel Sterns Newsletter Award, the League's Webmaster Award, or perhaps one of the Horkheimer Suite Awards (Service Award, Journalism Award, or Imaging Award)!

STEAM education is also important scope too with league youth awards: National Young Astronomer Award (under the age of 19), Youth Service Awards (under the age of 19), Youth Imaging Award, Youth Journalism Award (ages 8-14).

League Awards include Mabel Sterns Award, Webmaster Award, and the TelescopeTrader Sketching Award are open to all members. To women only, the Williamina Fleming Imaging Awards are available for members who are 19 and older!

Star Parties

Each member is welcome to attend our monthly star parties held at the Turner Research Station near Clifton Texas. Members also have access to set up personal telescopes at the Turner Research Station or to use our! This site enjoys dark skies, while being reasonably accessible to Waco, Temple, and Killeen.

Our CTAS Member Star Party "gatherings" begin pre-sunset as the members set up their personal telescopes outside and socialize. This is great fun and very social so bring your telescope, binoculars, folding chairs, water bottles and if needed blankets or bug spray (depending on the season)!

It gets REALLY dark after sunset as this is a DarkSky International (DSI) designated site so pack your red-sense flashlight too! As it is helpful not to have a bright white light as you walk between telescopes to see the fun views of the stars and planets from other member's telescopes. As a note, there are two toilets for convenience too!

CTAS welcome's all ages! See you thereon the4th Saturday of each permitting. If it is stormy, contact via email or phone, the President to confirm the status. In the Spring and Fall, at times it is cloudy during the very early evening but clears up beautifully by night and the sky is crystal clear!